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Why most motorhomes are built stupid

They are built stupid because they are based on the wrong concept.

Once and for all: motorhomes are about freedom. The freedom to go anywhere, stay there, have a place to sleep, have great sex, be independent, be free.

But practically all factory-built motorhomes nowadays are built by people who believe that cars need electric devices to close and open windows. For your information: they don’t.

Look, the one thing that is not at disposal, is my freedom. This means: I am the master of my life.

Freedom is not just a philosophical idea. It is not just something we feel.

Freedom is very, very practical. It means that I myself control the circumstances of my life. Down to detail such as whether my car window is open, or half open, or closed.

Wigwam motorhome

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It has to depend on my will, and my control. I do not need anybody to execute my decision. No need for external help. I can do it quickly with my own hands. Under any circumstances.

Electric devices to close and open car windows are an obsolete invention.

Sooner or later, these devices malfunction. Then I have to run for a repair shop. Because I want to be the master of my life, and my environment, I can repair many things myself. But I just refuse to waste precious time on learning something as irrelevant as electric devices to close and open car windows. I better learn another language.

Modern factory-built motorhomes are full of high-tech junk such as electric window openers. With the effect that owners depend not only on networks of parking spaces with mains power outlets, but a whole network of repair facilities as well.

That is not the stuff freedom is made of.

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