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Portable toilet

The unit comes with a portable toilet and a shower tent that can be set up in 15 seconds. This is a setting far superior to the fixed installed bathrooms in conventional motorhomes. If traveling alone, a separate toilet isn’t needed. The windows are high and have red-wood lamellas. Nobody can look inside, even in the night when the lights are on.

Wigwam motorhome

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If more than one person travels, there isn’t enough space to preempt potentially embarrassing situations, not in our model, and certainly not in conventional motorhomes. If more than one person travels, it’s better to park roadside in the countryside, and unfold the shower tent some 20 meters away, and to take the portable toilet along. This is still much more comfortable and hygienic than a public toilet.

Apart from shelding the toilet, the shower tent can also be used as a shower. Just take a bucket and dipper along.

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