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Our new sale and repurchase system

We sell motorhomes in Thailand. And we are unique, not just in Thailand but possibly worldwide, in that we agree to buy back our motorhomes at a set rate of depreciation.

Why can we do this?

First of all, we can do this because our motorhomes are built to last. The bodies of our units are constructed from stainless steel and tropical hardwood.

Both materials don't deteriorate. Stainless steel does not oxidize, and the tropical hardwood we use has unmatched qualities. Totally untreated, you can have it submerged in ocean water, and even after a few years, just remove the fauna that uses ship hulls as habitat, and the wood looks like new.

The bodies of our motorhomes are extremely durable. Maybe, after a few years of heavy use, we have to fit a new engine, and obviously, before each 100,000 kilometers, we have to change tires. But the motorhome bodies are just the same, even after a decade.

And for the tropical hardwood, if anything, prices go up, not down.

We buy back our motorhomes at a set rate of depreciation. But if external circumstances don't force you, and as a way to diversify your wealth, you may want to hodl your Wigwam motorhome.

Wigwam motorhome

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But if you don't, we happily buy back units purchased from us. We do so because the value of our units is not in perishable components as it is with normal vehicles. And it's not just the stainless steel and tropical hardwood that makes for a non-perishable asset, but the fact, in the first place, that our motorhomes are road-registered in Thailand.

This in itself is so much value that if ever we have a unit that has been fully registered but subsequently smashed in a accident, we just rebuild it from the chassis frame, rather then discard it and register a new unit.

Thai road laws and regulations constantly change, and occasionally they do so on a very short notice. After years of effort, we currently have an avenue to register vehicles as motorhomes in Thailand. How long this channel remains open, is unclear. Our own business strategy is to register as many units as our surplus capital allows us to do.


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