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Motorhome space

Space is a limited commodity with a motorhome. If you ever visited a conventional factory to see work on an ordered unit progress, you will find it really spacious before they put fittings inside. And then, when you pick it up fully furnished, the space is gone. And then you start banging your head on overhead cabinets, and your shins on corners of convertible benches. Conventional motorhome manufacturers usually emphasize a siting room set that can be converted into a bedding, and then they seat a family with two kids there. That’s all good for photos, but extremely unpractical. It may work for weekend excursions, but being crammed on so little space probably leads to arguments, and on Sunday afternoon, everybody is glad to be home.

Wigwam motorhome

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At Wigwam, we don’t do motorhomes for families. Primarily we do them for men who usually go around alone, but sometimes may be with a female partner.

We do not install any fixed furniture. Our units are boxes with many high windows and with a vertical clearance of 2 meters throughout. Users put removable furnishings inside as they need them. Because requirements change, and there is no point of bringing things along that are not needed in the immediate future.

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