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Freedom housing

We are all fascinated by freedom, and freedom is the most valuable good in a man’s life.

That is why we start dreaming when we read about men who walk the world on foot or ride it on a bicycle, equipped with just a tent.

They forgo a lot of comfort, but they have freedom.

We are one step up. Our concept provides sufficient comfort to at least have a good sex life in addition to freedom.

Our concept is to evaluate every aspect: is it necessary for a good sex life? Does it compromise freedom?

Wigwam motorhome

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For a good sex life, you need a room, not a tent. The room does not have to be big, but it has to shelter from cold, heat, and animals including mosquitoes. It also has to shelter from thieves, and it has to afford enough privacy for sexual contact. And there must be basic facilities for personal hygiene, including defecation. Walking the world with a tent is romantic, but having to find a place in the countryside where to shit is not.

Yes, we pay attention to such detail, and we have a solution for everything.

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