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We are an Indonesian company but because we use Mai Daeng hardwood from Laos for our body structures, we currently produce in Laos and Northeast Thailand. Our vehicles are road registered in Thailand as motorhomes and can travel in Thailand and to Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia without problem and minimal paperwork.

PT Wigwam Motorhome
Pancur Batu, Kabupaten
Deli Serdang
Sumatera Utara
Postal Code: 20353
Phone Indonesia: +62.62897111
Facebook: Wigwam Motorhome

You can contact us via chat applications. However, we treat chat messages the same like email or ticketed messages. This means that you will receive a reply within 24 hours. For this reason, we recommend that you summarize your questions when you send us a chat message.

You can also contact us through Line Messenger, which is the most common such application in Thailand.

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